My name is Bilja Lakicevic. I'm a really happy and joyful person. I love doing things that make people smile and this is how I found my perfect "career": I create special things for special people.

I am a big fan of originality – my belief is that everybody should surround themselves only with beautiful things. And this is why I started doing what I'm doing: at first I was making decorations for my friend, but in no time I started receiving requests from people who were interested in my works. 

That was the moment when the light bulb went on “Why not open my own shop?”. I started small but as time went by new clients came and now I'm thinking about expanding. 

Many people ask “What’s your secret?”. Well, it’s really simple: love and passion. I always try to improve myself and to create new and interesting things so that I can frequently surprise my customers. And since the only advertising I have comes from my clients’ reviews and recommendation, I guess I’m doing a pretty good job :)